Why Be Present?

Why Be Present?

There are two reasons why it is so important to be present.

The first reason is that when we are present, we are able to fully enjoy life. We can enjoy all the wonderful aspects of being human. We enjoy being in our senses, enjoy relationships, making memories and just savouring the ever-unfolding present moment.

The second reason is that it is the best way to manage life’s challenges. When difficult things happen, if we are caught up in our minds or in worry, we are either in worries of what might happen in the future or what did happen in the past. But if we can come back to the present moment, we are able to create space between what is happening and how we respond.

Our suffering with challenges happens not through what is happening but in what we think about what is happening.


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  1. Kelly thankyou so much. I appreciate your words as they often come up just at the appropriate time. ❤️

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