No Time to Yourself? Watch This.

No Time to Yourself? Watch This.

The most recent Australian Women’s Health Survey shows that two out of three women reported feeling anxious, highly stressed or on edge nearly everyday. And one out of three women say that they have no time to themselves through the week.

I remember very clearly what it felt like being anxious, stressed, or on edge nearly everyday and feeling like there was no time for me and just feeling overwhelmed.

But what I know now is that if we don’t do something about that, nothing will change.

It would be very rare for someone else to come along and say “Here, take time for yourself”. We have to take our power back in this situation because if nothing changes, nothing changes.

I know that sounds obvious, but we’ve got to tell a new story. The quality of our lives comes down to the little choices that we make everyday and the stories that we are telling ourselves in our mind. And we get to choose. We’ve got to choose.

But if you’re anything like me – you didn’t grow up learning how to take charge of your own mind, your own emotions, how to be happy even when life gets tough. Life is often tough and we don’t realize that there are ways that we can be at peace and even happy, even through all of life’s challenges.

So I’ve got something very special to share with you.

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