How to Heal Pain

How to Heal Pain

The way most people react to pain (physical or emotional) is with resistance. We try to fight, escape, distract or numb ourselves from the pain.

But the best way to manage pain, is to allow ourselves to FEEL it.

At first, this seems like the exact OPPOSITE of what you’ll want to do! But trust me, it WORKS.

Instead of reacting to pain with fear (which is what’s behind the tendency to try and fight or avoid the pain), we need to allow ourselves to SIT with it. We do this with an attitude of love and compassion.

Bring your attention into what you’re feeling and imagine you’re literally breathing love into it, not matter how uncomfortable or painful the feeling.

When I was younger, I used to have recurring back and neck pain. After years of trying to heal it with various practitioners, it was the strategy that I’m sharing with you today that healed it.

Every time I’d notice the pain, even if it was just starting as some tension in my body, I’d take my attention there and breathe in softness.

You can’t force or control it to soften; this is about ALLOWING it to soften. In doing so, you’re letting your body to return to its natural state of wellbeing.

With painful emotion, the same principle applies. Let your attention go to where the discomfort is in your body, with an attitude of love and compassion. Rather than trying to push away or resist the feelings in any way (which is fear-based), allow the emotion to be there.

Know that the uncomfortable emotion (energy in motion) just wants to move through. It’s not permanent. Observe and breathe into the feeling in your body.

In this non-reactive state, you’ll be connected to your inner-wise self, your consciousness. From here, if you don’t know what the emotion is about, use curiosity (with the compassion and love) to help you become aware of whatever limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that you’re ready to release, which may have caused the painful emotion to surface.

I’d love to hear from you! Did you find this helpful, or have you already benefitted from this practice? Leave a comment below and remember to share this with others who’d enjoy it too.

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  1. Hi Kelly
    I’m going on your retreat in June. I believe you have meditation sessions coming up on a Monday night at Darlington. Are you able to send me the details for these as I am interested. Would love to get to know you before this exciting retreat. You are changing my life already with your videos. What a special person you are as my uncle just died last night and I was feeling the pain!
    Love Wendy brooks
    Wendybrooks1@me .com

    • Hi Wendy! I’m getting so excited about the Bali retreat in June and so happy you’re joining me! Sending much love to you at this sad time of your uncle passing. Thank you for your beautiful comments. I don’t have all the details about the meditation evenings in Darlington yet (the venue owner is actually organising it, not me) but I’ll let you know when I have more info! I think you’d probably be very interested to check out my Soul Space online membership – have you had a look? Just go to so you can see what it’s about! xxx

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