How to Feel Good & Be Happy

How to Feel Good & Be Happy

The other morning I woke up feeling really tired. I’d had a few nights of not enough sleep. In this state, my mind so easily went to negative thoughts. For a little while, I felt frustrated and down, swamped in the negativity.

But then, because I’ve worked to practise and make a habit of focusing on my internal state to change the way I feel, I called myself out for what I was doing and stopped.

I said to myself, “It’s up to me. I get to choose. I can choose to feel good now. Stop wishing things were different and choose to have a good day.”

So you know what? I got up, stayed in choice all day and I DID have an amazing day!

Not because things went the way I wanted (I can never rely on that, and it’s an external focus) but because I focused on my INTERNAL state – how I was choosing to think and feel about life, not what was happening.

It’s not even my negative thoughts that were the problem.

Negative thoughts can just seem to “drop in” to your head without your control, like they did for me that morning. But I get to choose whether I believe those thoughts and stay stuck in them or not, and that’s the key.

From this state of consciously choosing how I want to feel, it’s easy to be present, grateful and joyful.

So here’s the thing that we constantly forget, and need to keep reminding ourselves: True happiness and feeling good is an inside job.

It’s a skill, a practise, a habit, a CHOICE.

It’s not what happens, it’s how you respond to what happens.

If you keep practising, over time it becomes a stronger habit.

Managing your internal state is a practice that we need to commit to. It seems we’re hard-wired to want what we don’t have, believing that if we can just get things to go the way we want we’ll feel better. But the constant grasping for what we want and trying to push away what we don’t, will never bring lasting happiness.

So you’ll catch yourself wishing things were different so you can feel better, and stop. Remember when you do this you’re giving away your true power.

Stop and switch your focus from an external focus, to an internal one. Choose to change your thoughts and feelings.

It’s all within you. Choose to feel good today. No conditions needed.

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9 Responses to How to Feel Good & Be Happy

  1. Many thanks Kelly for the reminder, I have been so worried about my mum, I lost my happy place, now I will remind myself to get it back.

  2. Thanks Kelly I really felt this short video I felt you just speaking to me and I’m glad I pressed play as I’m usually not sitting and looking at my messages. I’m going to listen to this again….so grateful?

  3. Always a good reminder Kelly. It is so easy to let your surroundings get the better of you. This constant practice is making me so much better at relying on myself and taking pleasure in the simpleness of reaching in instead of depending on other things, people or happenings to bring me peace and happiness. That feeling of being self sustaining gives me a sense of freedom and independence that money just can’t buy! I like to think of it as my inner garden….as long as I tend to it, love it and nourish it, I have everything I need to be self sufficient emotionally. I am always grateful for your beautiful teachings they are making such a difference to my life. xxxx

  4. Good Morning Kelly Thanks I was feeling very crappy this morning and seen your email I feel better but I do have to practice at this alot lol but I’ll have a better day today Thanks again

  5. Thanks Kelly,, just listened to this, Yes, it Certainly is an Inside Job, a Continuel Practise,, Thank u again Kelly, ??❤??

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