How to be Happier by Dropping this 1 Common Belief

How to be Happier by Dropping this 1 Common Belief

Just a few years ago, a simple but profound realisation changed my life.

I realised I was holding a belief (that’s actually REALLY common) that was keeping me stuck in unhappiness.

The belief?

I shouldn’t have any challenges.

So, as long as things aren’t going exactly as I want them to go, I can’t be truly happy.

While your logical mind might already know this is silly, we act as if it’s true because it’s a deeper, more unconscious belief.

This belief makes us strive so hard to get what we want, then fight against (even if just in our own minds) anything that doesn’t go our way.

Even down to the little things, like a mess on the floor or a blocked sink. With the inevitable inconveniences and challenges that add up through the course of a normal day, we then feel like all these things that “shouldn’t be happening” have robbed us from from fully enjoying the day and feeling happy. So when we’re asked, “how are you today?” we reply, “not too bad.” (Like, I’m bad, but not too bad. It could be worse after all.)

Just making a simple shift in perspective was life-changing for me: Life is MEANT to have challenges.

You don’t have to like it, but it’s SO much easier (and infinitely more enjoyable) if you do!


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  1. Hi Kelly i just finished watching your video and i feel great already, how true is what you said and changing an answer makes such a big difference, you are amazing,
    thank you so much

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