Don’t Waste Your Life: How to Be Present

Don’t Waste Your Life: How to Be Present

Can you remember being very young, before overthinking and worry became a default mode?

You lived in the moment, in a state of wonder. The little things were a big deal.

I must’ve spent hours studying the bugs and plants in my backyard. I’d be mesmerised by tiny ants carrying crumbs while making their way across blades of grass. I was excited every time I found a ladybug or a beetle.

As we grow into adults we all but forget how to do what once was so natural.

Most of us spend our time either worrying about the past, striving for the future or wishing the present were different.

Meanwhile, incredible wonders are all around us if only we’ll notice.

Life only happens in the here and now. Being caught up in our thoughts, we miss life!

There’s no better way to remind ourselves to live life, than to bring ourselves back to the present by finding things to appreciate.

Peace is in the present!

We never stay present – we’re only human!

But committing to the practise of bringing our attention back to the moment as it unfolds before us, time and again, is essential. That’s if we want to live fully and embrace the peace, beauty and wonder that’s here for us.

Life is now. Come back!

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  1. Thank you Kelly for the inspiring videos I am listening and learning each time am coming back to live in the present thank you thank you thank looking forward to the next video

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