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Daily Rituals – Make Every Day Meaningful

Daily Rituals – Make Every Day Meaningful

In Bali, every day the women perform meaningful, sacred offerings with flowers and incense.

Balinese life is full of many kinds of beautiful rituals like these.

It got me thinking about my own daily rituals.

Do you have any rituals that make life more intentional and meaningful for you?

In this weeks video, I share my exact daily rituals, and give you practical tips for how you can start making every day more on-purpose – even if you’re super busy!

Because the truth is, if we don’t get intentional about our life, we live on autopilot.

If we’re not on-purpose and deliberate, we tend to just keep reacting to life and before we know it, another year has gone and we can be left wondering where the time even went and how much of it was actually meaningful.

For me, daily rituals are the best way I know to keep up the practices that make all the difference so I can live my best life possible.

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4 Responses to Daily Rituals – Make Every Day Meaningful

  1. Loving your little tips, it sounds so easy. I,Ve tried meditation before, however It’s not long before i,m back in to my negative thoughts again. You have given me some different ideas to try and persist to find my calm.

  2. Thank you for sharing……I tend to get up and rush off for a quick walk then shower then rush off to work in busy traffic ! When I think about it I walk fast into the office too ! So tomorrow I’m going to start with my own ritual…I’m getting things ready tonight……..let you know how it changes my day.

  3. Appreciate you sharing your rituals Kelly. Now to build on my meditation & grateful journal. Love the idea of meaningful items to inspire.

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