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Award winning Educator Kelly Hine brings her sell out Day Retreats to the workplace.

As a mindfulness, meditation and personal development teacher and Reiki Master, Kelly has a special talent for teaching mindfulness using a unique method that’s simple, engaging and practical.

Kelly’s method is based on modern neuroscience research. She teaches participants how simply they can make mindset shifts, arming them with the tools they need to change old habits and create new ones.

Compelling scientific evidence supports the use of mindfulness training in the workplace. The proven benefits include:

  • Greater productivity
  • Concentration
  • Decision making
  • Relationships
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Increase in happiness

Kelly’s tailored workplace mindfulness training brings the two-fold benefits of improved outcomes for the company, plus improved health for its employees. Participants who’ve enjoyed Kelly’s corporate sessions have expressed gratitude to their employers because they felt it was evidence that the employer values their wellbeing. It doesn’t feel like training, but rather a real treat for the employees.

Kelly’s “Mindfulness at Work” program teaches participants to apply mindfulness to both work and personal contexts for the many benefits that it offers, including an ability to better handle stressful situations and challenging people.

Kelly’s customised retreats and events create a profound impact on people’s lives. She teaches people how to make positive mindset changes that radically improve quality of life and relationships.

Kelly’s corporate program can be tailored to your specific needs but the current one-day program includes:

  • Mindfulness training (involving talks, guided meditation, discussion, writing and small group activity).
  • Workbook – To use on the day and take home to consolidate learning.
  • Guided Meditation MP3 Pack – To download and keep.
  • Yoga Session (optional) – To release body tension and as a practical application of mindfulness (suitable for people who have never tried yoga).


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“The feedback from all of our staff was very positive and they’re using the techniques both at work and home. It was a great team building opportunity with skills that relate to our work as well as to staff’s own personal development. Our work can be very stressful and taxing on our minds. Mindfulness practice is very important so that we’re able to carry out our work in a calm and grounded manner, and be able to relax and recharge at the end of the day.” Lifeskills Manager – Intework

The wonderful, relaxed day brought a bonding amongst our staff, often difficult to achieve in the work environment. Kelly deconstructed mindfulness and meditation so that the staff didn’t feel daunted by the perception and were open to her experience, wisdom and knowledge. I noticed that the staff warmed to Kelly very quickly and felt comfortable participating. Over time, staff continue to talk about what they learned and practise their enhanced toolbox of ‘mindfulness’ knowledge. Kerri McGregor, Administration Manager – One 2 One

The staff really enjoyed the workshops. They all commented on how relaxed they felt and less stressed! The session was pitched at exactly the right level. It was just enough information for the staff to take on board and put into practice. We received practical strategies for reducing stress both in our workplace and personal lives, using mindfulness.  Misty Waters – Penrhos College

Our workplace retreat with Kelly was excellent. Our staff found Kelly to be calming, confident, friendly, kind and organised. She sets a great atmosphere. She also gave plenty opportunities for people to share thoughts and ask questions and her responses were positive but also informative. I think giving us an insight into her journey was also beneficial. The staff have reported that they’re putting the strategies into practise whenever they feel stressed or anxious. George Craig – Principal, Maddington Primary School