How This Mum Beat Anxiety with a Little Bit of Nurturing

Managing the work-home balance isn’t easy.

If we don’t make time to nurture ourselves, sooner or later anxiety & other warning signs become too much to ignore.

We’ve GOT to prioritise our self-care. It’s incredible what a difference a little bit of regular, quality nurturing will make.

Feel free to share this video with anyone you know who might find it helpful!

The Reason So Many Women are Stressed & Unhappy

The statistics from the 2018 Australian Women’s Health Survey are out of control!! Stop putting your happiness on hold until “later on” when you get stuff done! We’ve got to get back in touch with what’s most important. Learn how to be present, peaceful and happy. Know how to nourish your soul. To connect with…Continue Reading

How to Let Go of Guilt

One of the biggest causes of long-term suffering is guilt. I’ve noticed this in so many of the women that I’ve worked with. Women are so often carrying long-held and deep-seated guilt from things that happened a long time ago. So I want to give you a tip that can really help to let go…Continue Reading

How to Expand Time

Do you get anxiety around time? I know how common this is, and it was a big problem for me for a long time. I went from fighting against time, to a practice of expanding it….works like magic! A few years ago, I came across this concept called “Einstein Time” which is that time can…Continue Reading

A Surprising Benefit to Slowing Down & Being Present

Research shows that the more that we practice mindfulness or being present, the more compassionate we tend to be —compassionate for the self, and compassionate for others. Compassion and self-love are similar. Self-love and love for others are completely connected. When we’re not loving the self, we can’t really be loving others. And compassion is…Continue Reading

Follow Your Heart!

Do you value what feels good to you? Society doesn’t teach us to follow what feels good to us because there’s this concern that you’ll end up doing something wrong, something selfish or something not good for you or for others. What feels good to you now in your head – which is the need…Continue Reading

Finding the GIFT in pain

I used to fight against pain and any kind of discomfort that I felt. It was the only way I knew. Then I learned that I didn’t have to keep feeling like a victim. When you’re feeling stuck in negative emotion, that victim state is so often our default mode. I know this so well…Continue Reading

Why the Grass ISN’T Greener on the Other Side

One of the biggest unconscious beliefs that makes people unhappy, is that things should be great all of the time. So when they’re not, we complain (at least inwardly) as if it “shouldn’t be this way.” When we can accept the fact that there will always be a positive-negative balance in all things, we stop…Continue Reading

Why the World Needs You to Love Yourself

Why the World Needs You to Love Yourself

I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, saying that someone “loves herself” was a put-down! This is changing – thank goodness. When I learned (the hard way) that I needed to take responsibility for loving myself, it was a game changer. My relationships improved and I became so much happier. I…Continue Reading

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