How to be OK with Uncertainty

How to be OK with Uncertainty

When we’re so afraid and scared of uncertainty and of the future, we can close ourselves off to possibility.

There is so much unknown in the midst of this global pandemic, the Coronavirus. We don’t know when it’s going to come to an end and when everyone will be able to return to their normal lives. And this word “uncertainty” is being used so much right now.

But if this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is not certain. We never know what’s around the corner.

We try to set up our lives to give ourselves a feeling of comfort, security and certainty but if we rely on a feeling of certainty to give us good feeling and to help us not feel anxious, then we’re relying on things that are so much out of our control.

So, the key is to become okay with uncertainty. It’s to start even making uncertainty our friend.

Uncertainty relates to the fear of the future because when you just come back to the present moment, you’re okay and you can always manage and respond to what is being presented to you in this moment. The future never actually arrives. It is just an illusion, a thought, a concept in our minds.

You might have heard before that we can trick our brains a little bit by switching fear for excitement. So, if you can simply re-frame your ideas about not knowing what’s in the future, let that be exciting for you. When you catch yourself projecting into the future with fear, turn that around into trust that everything will be okay and excitement even for the possibilities that you don’t even know are going to unfold.

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