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Bali Retreat

Bali Retreat


Bali Retreat for Women

Transform from lost and burned out to clear
& connected in 7 blissful days!

1 – 8 June 2020
Tegallalang, Bali


Offer Ends 28 November (Save $600 + $705 worth of extra bonuses!)

Sound like you?

  • You drag yourself out of bed in the morning. Shower,
    breakfast….every day starts to feel like the last. You
    put your game face on but inside, your spark isn’t
    what is used to be.
  • You reach for your phone for the 12th time to distract
    yourself from your present reality. And it’s only 8am.
  • You drive on complete auto-pilot, barely even
    aware of what you’re doing. Instead you’ve got that
    negative voice in your head on repeat, telling you how
    tired you are, overthinking what someone said to you
    yesterday, and dreading having to cook dinner again.
  • You’re sick of dealing with other people’s problems
    when it feels like it’s YOU that needs a break. Why are
    you always the one left doing just about everything to
    please everyone anyway? You’ve spent so long doing
    this you don’t even know who you are anymore.

Let me help!

Imagine escaping all that for a week in a breathtaking,
peaceful, mountain top location in Bali. What if, for that
whole week, you didn’t have to do anything for anyone
else. It’s ALL about YOU. You enter a place where you
feel HELD, loved, and nurtured from the inside out.


Are you drooling yet? ‘Cause it gets better!

Your every need is taken care of for one blissful week of soulful self-discovery.

This transformational escape allows you to completely reset. It’s everything you
need to your bring your body, mind and soul back in harmony.

And best of all, make LASTING changes that will set you on a path to move
forward with purpose and confidence. With all the tools you need to easily tap
into peace, calm and happiness. No longer feeling like a victim to your thoughts,
emotions or other people’s behaviour.

You won’t go home the same.

  • You feel (and look!) amazing.

  • Just imagine, months after you return home, you bump
    into a friend who remarks how much younger and
    more relaxed you look. It’s because the shifts you’ve
    made shine from the inside out. You’ve got a happy
    glow inside that’s noticeable to people around you.
  • You feel peaceful & confident.

  • You’re reconnected to
    who you are and what you want. Your heart feels wide
  • When life throws challenges at you, as it does, you
    respond instead of react, and it feels SO empowering!
    You even amaze yourself at how calm you are with the
    same things that would have stressed you out badly
  • You feel clear.

  • The way you look at yourself and talk to yourself is
    different. You understand that loving yourself makes all
    the difference in being your best for others, so the guilt
    you used to feel about listening to your heart’s desires
    is no longer there.
  • And you feel clear – about who you are, what you really
    want (not what you think you should do, or what would
    please other people in your life, but what’s really right
    for you). No longer held back by the things that you
    held on to for years, you feel FREE

What you’ll gain from this retreat..

Deep relaxation and rejuvenation for your body, mind and soul

Learn how to love yourself, and why this is so vital for your
health, happiness and relationships

Clarity about who you are, your highest values, desires and goals,
and how to live a fulfilling life that aligns all of these elements

A blissful feeling of inner-peace and skills to continue to develop
this as a way of being

Reconnection with yourself, with nature and your spiritual side

Develop skill and understanding of mindfulness and meditation,
even if you thought you could never switch off

Understand how to manage your energy and emotions for
optimal happiness, health and personal power

Identify and let go of the blocks holding you back and learn to
allow a wonderful feeling of ease into your life

Step out of old victim-states of being and into your power.

What’s included?

  • 7 nights accommodation in a luxurious private villa
    nestled in lush hilltops with beautiful valley views
  • Delicious and nourishing organic meals – brunch,
    afternoon tea and dinner for 7 days that will leave
    you feeling fantastic and re-inspire you to take care of
    the way you nourish your body even after you return
  • Daily yoga with Body and Soul Retreat’s own yoga
    instructor, designed perfectly to enhance our retreat
    themes. Perfect whether you’re a complete beginner
    or experienced.
  • Transformational Soul Sessions (workshops) with Kelly Hine
    including special rituals and activities, Kelly’s healing
    meditations, journaling and more
  • A unique spiritual day trip excursion including a silent mindful
    jungle walk, water temple purification ceremony and rituals
    with our Balinese Priestess.
  • Massage or spa treatment of choice to nurture and
    relax you
  • A gift bag with gorgeous goodies to delight you
  • Retreat Workbook – This will be an extremely useful
    resource long after the retreat finishes
  • Airport transfers – our driver will pick you up and
    drop you back so you don’t need to worry about a

NOT INCLUDED:Airfares / Alcoholic Drinks / Extra Spa Treatments / Extra optional activities



Private 1:1 “Breakthrough” session with Kelly. This session will assist you to
identify and shift the blocks that you’re ready to release, and free you from limiting beliefs. (Value $295)

Private 1:1 Shamanic Reading with a true Balinese Shaman.
This is a very unique opportunity to experience an authentic reading just for you
with a spiritual teacher who is not normally available for appointments with tourists.
You will have a translator for your session. (Value: Priceless!)

“This has truly been the miracle I was hoping for.”

Before attending the retreat I was feeling stress levels were too high and sleep was difficult...I loved that Kelly was so down to earth..after the retreat I finally felt "me". Kelly is an inspiration with so much talent in helping others...I can honestly say this has truly been the miracle I was hoping for. I feel happy, whole, alive and full of love and hope. I can finally say I am serene. I would recommend this to anyone feeling a little lost. Thank you Kelly, thank you. You've changed my life.


“It has been soulful, gentle and loving every step of the way…”

I would recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to live a more fulfilling life...This retreat has reminded me of the importance of self-love, self-respect and self-care...It has been soulful, gentle and loving every step of the way...The resort is magnificently beautiful, lush and holds the energy of love, gratitude and abundance...I had time to listen to my heart and I can move forward and take its whisperings into the world.


“I feel more myself than I have since before my children were born.”

I feel able to love myself as I am now, and bring this love to my family and friends. This week has been a blessing. I'm so very grateful to be able to step out of the chaos of family life and rest in body, mind and soul. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


“Life-changing…an experience I will never forget.”

Kelly is amazing, her insights astounding. The program is so enlightening and life changing - an experience I will never forget. I went home feeling centred and content. The resort is mind-blowing, beautiful and serene.

Carmen B.

“The attention to detail is what sets this retreat apart from any other.”

This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life...The attention to detail is what sets this retreat apart from any other...The accommodation is breathtaking and relaxing. This is a retreat that will give you the opportunity to reconnect with your soul in a safe and loving environment. I can't say enough about how this has helped me feel rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to start living.


“I arrived tied up in my head, I left with my head and heart as one.”

The retreat was so much more than I expected it to be. I arrived tied up in my head, I left with my head and heart as one. I was mentally and physically spent on arrival. I left calm, at peace and connected... I would ABSOLUTELY, MOST DEFINITELY recommend this retreat...Anyone who needs to have some re-adjustment in their lives or feels they aren’t following the right path or is at a bit of a loss should absolutely allow themselves the time and space to do this retreat

Liz A.

“The long term benefit is the serenity I feel inside…”

It was incredible! It took a weight off my shoulders. It took away a 30 year spiritual pain that I had, so I gained a sense of peace and forgiveness. The long term benefit is the serenity I feel inside and knowing how to connect with it. I feel like a completely new person. It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Sincerely all of it was such a liberating experience. I will treasure this forever.


“When I arrived home I felt fresh, alive and more capable.”

The retreat was everything I expected and more! ...I made such strong connections with all the women participating in the retreat. The food was amazing and I didn’t think I’d enjoy the daily yoga as much as I did... There was a perfect amount of free time, soul sessions, meditation and yoga...perfectly timed and organised... I’ve always felt it too difficult to switch the “busy” off and be in the moment. By the end of the week I had released so much tension! When I arrived home I felt that I could start again, I felt fresh, alive and more capable.

Melissa E.

“The retreat exceeded any joy I thought I could feel…”

I arrived very tired but excited and left feeling joyous, gracious and blissful. There was nothing I didn’t enjoy! I gained a clear view of the importance of love but particularly self-love. I also gained valuable tools and a fresh perspective on life. It was a great program. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who is looking to bring more joy, better health and balance, peace and clarity into their lives.  

Erin T.

  • Step into your power.

  • So many women who thought they could never feel
    peaceful and calm, or who felt like what they were
    personally dealing with made it impossible, have
    worked with me to overcome their personal challenges
    and the Bali retreat is specifically tailored to fast-track
    the shifts you want to make.
  • But this retreat is not for you if you’re not ready for
    real change, if you’re completely uncomfortable with
    the idea of tapping into your spiritual side, or if you just
    want a holiday.
  • The retreat IS for you if you’re ready to step
    into your power, take full responsibility for your peace and
    happiness, and are ready to make major shifts in your life.
  • You’ve spent your life doing everything for everyone
    else. If you don’t take action to have the life you want…
    nobody else will do it for you. It’s your time.
  • Life’s too short to keep putting yourself on hold.

It gets better!

I’ve added some very special bonuses to the Early-Bird Retreat Offer:

BONUS #1 (Value $295)

If you’re ready for this retreat, you’re ready for change now.

That’s why, as soon as you make the
commitment and book with your deposit, you
can book a 1:1 Breakthrough session with me,
to get you started on your journey. This is in
addition to a second one-to-one session that
you get with me as part of your retreat package!

BONUS #2 (Value $410)

You’ll join with the small group of like-minded
women who’ll be sharing this transformational
retreat experience with you, with a
group coaching session leading up to the
retreat, and one after. This means
that before you even come on retreat, you’ll
already have started on a powerful journey,
AND you’ll have support afterwards to make sure you’re implementing what you learned when you go back to your everyday life.

PLUS you’ll get a huge $600 Early Bird Discount.

The opportunity to join with this package deal will end on Thursday 28th November 9pm AWST

    or $800 now and 3479 due 1st April 2020.
  • Price after offer ends: $4879
    or $800 now and 4179 due 1st April 2020.
  • Price after offer ends: $5579
  • Prices are Per Person and are in Australian Dollars
  • You could easily spend the same or more for
    a holiday at a quality resort in Bali. And that’s without
    the incredible program and bonuses that give you the
    opportunity to make all the difference to your life!
  • The retreat is limited to a small group of women to
    ensure that the program meets your individual needs,
    and this very special package offer ends soon so don’t

Offer Ends 28 November



  • Will you cater to different dietary needs?
  • Yes! The delicious, healthy menu will cater to vegan/ vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo. The menu can also be customised to the individual requirements of our guests wherever necessary, including allergies or intolerances. The restaurant staff go to a lot of effort to ensure your dietary needs are catered for.

  • I’m looking at flights to book. When should I plan to arrive and depart?
  • If you don’t plan on spending any nights in Bali prior to the start of the retreat, aim for a flight with a MORNING ARRIVAL on 1st June. For your departure, book a late AFTERNOON or EVENING flight home on 8th June. If you’d like to arrive at the resort a day earlier (many of our guests do this), or stay extra days afterwards, we can arrange this with the resort for you at a special discounted rate. If you are staying in another hotel before or after the retreat, we will arrange transfers between your hotel and the retreat. Extra costs may be incurred if your hotel is not centrally located.

  • What extra costs will I need to pay?
  • Airfares are not included in the cost of your retreat. You’ll need to book and pay for your own fares. Extra drinks and alcoholic drinks are not included. Extra day spa treatments would need to be paid by you (if you’d like any in addition to the one hour treatment that’s included in your retreat package). The resort offers a few extra optional activities and outings which you may choose to do – some are free and some are paid.

  • Can you help arrange someone to share a room with me?
  • If you’d like to share a villa but are coming alone, we’ll do our best to place you with someone in the same situation. If this is not possible then you would need to take a private villa and pay the difference.

  • What if I’ve never done yoga or have injuries? Do I have to participate in all of the classes?
  • Our amazing yoga teacher (who teaches a style called Pranayama which has a focus on the breath and incorporates elements of Hatha and Vinyasa) is highly experienced in catering to all levels of ability and experience. It’s highly recommended that you participate in all sessions, to get the most possible benefit out of your retreat experience. Whilst the yoga isn’t the focus of the retreat, it’s an integral part of each day and ties in with the daily themes so that you be assisted to embody what you’re learning at a deeper level.

  • What level of fitness is required?
  • The resort is situated on a hillside and buggies are provided for your convenience should you not wish to walk up and down between your villa and the other facilities. However, please be aware that you will need to be able to walk up and down steps. Our day trip involves an hour-long walk, which requires a moderate level of fitness. Alternatives are provided for those not able to join the walk.

  • I’ve tried meditation but I can’t make my mind switch off.
  • Kelly is an experienced meditation teacher (who started out with this same problem!) Part of her skill is in showing you that anyone can do this. You’ll be given lots of simple, practical strategies for mindfulness and meditation that will get you feeling blissful in no time!

  • Is the retreat alcohol free?
  • Choosing to go alcohol free for the retreat allows you to be more clear and present to gain even more from the experience. However, you may choose to enjoy an alcoholic drink with dinner – in moderation of course – at the retreat (not included in the retreat cost). This retreat is not suitable for people dealing with or overcoming alcohol or substance addiction.


  • What age group is this retreat suitable for?
  • Every retreat group has always represented a wide range of ages, from women in their 20s through to their late 60s. One of the wonderful things about this retreat is how much of a close bond all of the women form, and age is absolutely no barrier.

Still got questions? Book a call to chat with Kelly to help you decide if the retreat is right for you

  • Take the first step.

  • The Body & Soul Bali Retreat is one of a kind – there’s
    no other like it. Don’t put yourself on hold another
    day – this could be the best thing you’ve ever done for
    yourself. The wonderful life that you KNOW deep down
    is possible, can only happen with YOU taking the first
  • As you look to make a decision, just know this…if you’re
    feeling overwhelmed with life or you’re struggling to
    move forward with purpose.
  • This is totally normal.
  • For most of us, the biggest challenge is trying to
    manage all this on top of all the other responsibilities
    we have.
  • Life is an ongoing competition for your time and
    attention – and it’s a competition you rarely win.
  • But it doesn’t have to be that way. By making your
    happiness a priority, and having what you need to
    make it a reality, you can interrupt the old patterns and
    get where you want to go.
  • It’s your time.

  • Whenever we make decisions that we know could be
    life-changing, there’s a part of us that fears that change
    and believes it’s best to stay safe – to stay right where
    we are (hello self-sabbotage!)
  • But what what’s the cost of the indecision, the cost
    of putting it off ‘till next year?
  • Whilst we stay stuck in the same patterns, it can
    ultimately affect your health, let alone your happiness.
  • Stress and worry is a leading cause of illness, leading
    to medical bills, time off work and where you can’t help
    those you love.
  • Until you commit to helping yourself, how can you be
    your best for those you love, often when they need you
    the most?
  • If you decide to soldier on for another year, settling
    for feeling the same, how can you not expect a similar
    outcome or worse?
  • We only have so much time to make the most of a
    life well lived. Make the most of it!
  • Ask yourself this…

  • What’s important in your life right now?
  • How do you really want to feel?
  • Knowing how to calm your mind and love yourself will
    give you exactly what you’re after – peace, happiness
    and purpose.
  • How long have you wanted to accomplish this?
  • And how many times has this goal been pushed to the
  • You have an opportunity to do something about that
    right now. Today. Join me and register for the special retreat package
  • I can’t wait to meet you and get started on your journey
    to peace, purpose and happiness!
  • Click the button below to get started.

Offer Ends 28 November