2 Minutes that Could Change Your Life

If you’ve tried meditation but felt like you just couldn’t do it, you’re far from alone!

I had so much resistance to meditation. I thought it would be boring and uncomfortable. The first few times I tried, I remember thinking “I can’t do this!” I thought I had to stop my thoughts, so it felt impossible.

But the more I heard about the incredible, far-reaching benefits of meditation, the more I knew I needed it! I persevered, learning about what meditation really is (and what it isn’t). I realised I’d been over-complicating it.

Now, it’s an important part of my life. Far from being “boring”, I truly MISS it and don’t feel as good on the days I don’t meditate.

Once I understood meditation better, the teacher in me wanted to show others how simple it could be!

In this video, I share a very brief, 2 minute practice that could change your life, by helping you see that you CAN meditate (and you don’t have to try and “stop thinking” either!)

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  1. Hi Kelly the two min meditation video is so easy very refreshing and relaxing,

    thank you so much God bless.

    Reg Angelo

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